The Albanach – One Of The Best Whiskey Bars

Edinburgh, Scotland is a region defined by deep green grassy hills, cathedrals, and the historical Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh is recognized as the capitol of Scotland. This historical city prides itself on it’s ability to combine the historical with a rather modern vibe. Edinburgh’s many annual festivals are famous for their celebration of theater, music and the arts. On 197 High Street, located on the Royal Mile amid all the touristy trends and attractions, you’ll find the Albanach. Indeed, after visiting the sites of such an amazing city, or ending the day after attending one of their many annual festivals, there is no better way to wind down your day, than to toss back a scotch whisky, or enjoy a full meal, at one of the most celebrated whiskey bars in Edinburgh:



The Albanach

The Albanach sports a rather medieval exterior, tastefully designed with muted tones of blues and browns. When you enter the Albanach, be prepared to be greeted by an atmosphere that is spacious, cozy, comfortable, modern and welcoming. The Albanach has a well stocked modern bar in the front, and a quaint, secluded, restaurant in the back. The locals who frequent the Albanach, as well as tourists just new to the experience of this well established whiskey bar, are impressed with it’s good food, gallant and kind wait staff, and reasonable pricing. Patrons that choose to take a table facing Cockburn Street will get a true feeling of the rich history of Edinburgh, as they look out upon the people and architecture of the city.

The Bar

The Albanach is known for it’s sizable selection of Whiskey’s, Beers, and Ciders. Indeed, especially for it’s magnificent collection of whiskies as it proudly boasts a mass of over 220 single malt scotch whiskies to offer thirsty patrons, including rare malts. The friendly wait staff are there to help you if you are a little overwhelmed by their huge and diverse selection of whiskey. If you find yourself in need of a little assistance in choosing a whiskey, the staff will be more than happy to make a recommendation, or you could take a ‘whiskey tour’. The whiskey tour is designed for the patron who may find themselves quite overwhelmed at the vast variety of spirits available, and does not know where to begin. The whiskey tour can assist the patron in their decision, and includes a selection of 3 or 4 malt whiskies. If whiskey is not your thing, don’t fret. The Albanach also serves up a healthy variety of beers and ales, with a few wine option tossed in.

The Restaurant

The food at the Albanach is described as being traditional, but with a modern twist. Visitors can expect a great dining experience, with food that is delicious, pleasantly served, and with nice size portions. The menu is rich with offerings both traditional, which offers the patron a taste of the Highlands, and more modern fare, which is geared toward satisfying those who enjoy more familiar foods. Traditional items on their menu include such local favorites as haggis and steaks, while their more modern listings include pastas, salmon burgers, sandwiches and grilled favorites. Visitors to the Albanach delight in their deliciously battered fish and chips, chili salmon and sticky toffee pudding. Even Vegetarians will be happy to know that the Albanach caters to them as well, with an excellent veggie burger, vegetarian haggis pie, and vegan cheese platter. The friendly and fast wait staff will take your order, and deliver your food quicker than you’d expect. Clean, and with a warm and inviting atmosphere, patrons can sit and relax with a drink or two and a satisfying chosen from the Albanach’s menu which offers a great variety of dishes.

So whether you are a local, looking to escape the frigid cold of a wintry Highland night, and seek to warm yourself by the fire with a dram of solid scotch whiskey, or a tourist searching to experience the heart and soul of the Highlands, while savoring an excellent meal, the Albanach in Edinburgh is the place for you