Top Edinburgh’s Best Restaurants

Scotland is known for its rich and diverse culture and it is for this reason that people on vacation of holiday flock the place. Finding a good restaurant may be a bit challenging as the place has a lot of good ones. We have therefore lined up the top Edinburgh’s best restaurants that you could dine in once you visit the place.




The place used to be a warehouse before it was converted to the awesome hotel that it is right now. It strives to stick to traditional ways of preparing food. One can visit the place during any time of the year as there are burning stoves that use wood to make one comfortable during cold seasons and winter while there is a courtyard that many can relax in during summer. Being owned by the Radford family who are renowned hoteliers, this place will certainly meet your expectations. The food is magnificent with the menu having been divided into three sections, the bites, the small dishes and the large dishes.


The Ship of the Shore


This is the hotel to dine in for any tourist that loves seafood and also loves staring at beautiful blue waters. It is a favorite sport for locals around the area as the seafood prepared there is impeccable. Visitors get a chance to bond with the locals and get a sight of the beautiful while enjoying the local seafood. It is not always crowded as many people seem to neglect the place.



La Favorita


Lovers of Pizza should definitely head down to La Favorita, a modern looking pizzeria that has been elegantly set up. If you don’t find time to visit the place, you can order for their magnificent pizza that you surely won’t regret taking. The bases of the pizza have been made thin and crispy which is just how pizza fans love it while the ingredients are unique and of superb quality. Other specials such as pasta and saltimbocca are available and the menu keeps changing.

Café Andaluz


If you like a cool, serene environment that soothes and relaxes one, then Café Andaluz should suit you well. The restaurant has been nicely built with a Moroccan décor and related themes. The entire place presents one with a friendly environment to dine in. One can pop in for a sip of red wine of even the spicy ox cheeks that has made the place popular.



Restaurant Martin Wishart


This place has been around for so long and has managed to fine tune its cooking finesse making its food mouth watery and irresistible to both locals and visitors. It was one of the first restaurants in the area to get a Michelin star over 15 years ago. The flavors that the hotelier puts in one place are unpredictable as one is presented with tweezer food that has been composed to make pretty plates you can’t fathom. The menu offers a six course meal while its price range is quire affordable and rarely beats the $75 mark. Its music is somewhat traditional and this contradicts the modern look of the hotel quite well.