Wedding Venues In Edinburgh

For any wedding, it goes without saying, a venue is needed. With the right venue, you can make your wedding one of a kind and memorable. In Edinburgh, there are very many wedding venues. Choosing these venues is dependent on what the couple wants and what their theme is. In this town, you can get the right venue for just about any theme you have in mind. These places and venues will help make your wedding one that crowds will talk about days after it’s over. These venues range from castles, to gardens, to hotels, to private clubs among many other places. All these places are signature venues for all your wedding dreams to come true.

Some of the most prestigious venues include

Dundas Castle



Have you always dreamed of a castle wedding? Of being the queen and having that fairytale wedding you have dreamed of since you were a child? Well here is your chance. Have your wedding in the privacy of the luxurious Dundas castle. Located just outside Edinburgh in a private estate, this place will give just what you have wanted. This venue gives a history look of the 15th century with some few modern additions in your wedding. The Edinburgh castle is also another perfect venue for a castle wedding

The Winton house


This is another venue that would also give you that fairytale wedding. Here you will get married like a Lord and a Lady. This house is both a castle and a stately house. It gives you the renaissance feel since it is master piece. Here you will get a wedding like no other



The Botanical garden


In some cases people want to have their weddings in the open and incorporate the nature in the theme of the whole wedding. Well the nature is beautiful. There many place that can help you do this but the botanical garden is by far the best wedding venue for outdoor weddings. Giving you a touch of many different plant species and their beauty incorporated into their wedding. The sun and the sky also become part and parcel of it.



Luxurious private clubs

There is a lot in Edinburgh’s clubs that can work well for you. Several people have taken up the idea of having their weddings in these places and they have not been disappointed. There is a lot of architectural art and gems in this places that may be perfect for you. You can drawing rooms in the Signet Library or the Victorian Library at the Royal College of Physicians. All these places give you a feel of the artistic work that takes place in this places providing the perfect background for the occasion.

Gothic wedding venues


If you want a gothic and totally beautiful and awe-striking venue, then you are in luck. There are various venues that will suite you very well providing that darkened experience and ambiance. There are many arches, towers, spires etc. that will be just perfect for you. These are such as the Mansfield Traquair that will do justice to just all you want to bring in. from the candle lit dinners to the petal covered floors and on and on. The Royal Mile is another place that will do you go to have your wedding there. This place will be just perfect for you to watch your bride come down the aisle.


There are many other venue based on what and how you want your wedding to feel and be. Remember in Edinburgh you can get all this and more packages of beautiful wedding venues.